Suction Cup Dog Toy


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Suction Cup dog toy

This Suction cup dog toy is not only great for your dogs teeth but is also an ideal boredom buster for your pet to chew and play with.

Keep your dog happy and active with this fun, stimulating, interactive tug of war toy.

  • This boredom buster has 2 suction cups to help suction and be held in place, also helps to make your dog more interactive with the product and enhance dogs interest.
  • Cleaning teeth- Zig zag molar protrusions and molar channels of different heights and sizes can help clean dogs incisors, sharp teeth and molars thoroughly and helps remove all kids of residue, dirt and calculus, protecting dogs dental health
  • suitable to most flat grounds: This toy can be used on tiled floors, wooden floors and some rough floors. Each package comes with 2 suction stickers which can help stable the suction cup when necessary.
  • This toy is suitable to dogs of any age and can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • This toy can help consume dogs excess energy when used regularly.

Playing with this toy can also help your pets teeth, improve IQ, exercise and relieve anxiety avoiding boredom when your not at home.


Material- TPR

Colour: Turquoise

SIZE- Bone size- 15cm, Suction cups – 9.5cm diameter


Washing Instructions

  • Recommended to spot clean and Hand wash in cold water only
  • Replace once worn, broken or damaged
  • CAUTION- not suitable for children




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