Kids Round Floor Cushion- Polar Mushroom


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T&S Kid’s Polar Round Floor Cushion

Indulge in the epitome of opulence with our Polar Round Floor Cushion – a masterpiece in cushion design that redefines luxury, particularly in terms of size and comfort.

Sumptuous Shaggy Elegance: Envelop yourself in the plush embrace of our soft shaggy-style cover. Filled with premium Australian Foam, this cushion boasts a size that is perfect for toddlers to big kids, ensuring the ultimate lounging experience.

Wide range of colour choices: Choose from a selection of three exquisite colors – Grey, Pink, and Mushroom – to complement your home’s aesthetic. Additionally, we offer interchangeable covers for purchase, allowing you to refresh your living space with a new hue whenever you desire.

Unparalleled Comfort: Our round cushion is synonymous with one word: Comfort. Experience the unmatched softness and allure of its shaggy cover, setting it apart from any other cushion. The cover is conveniently removable for easy washing, ensuring lasting freshness.

Premium Materials: Crafted with a 100% Polyester cover, this cushion features thicker, longer, and more luxurious fur, making it irresistibly soft. It’s not only a cozy accessory but also an exquisite decor piece that enhances any interior.

Versatile and Therapeutic: Ideal for bedrooms, playrooms, or lounges, our cushion caters to kids and adults alike. It even serves as a sensory cushion, providing comfort and assistance to individuals with additional needs. This therapeutic accessory helps in calming the nervous system, regulating emotions, and curbing challenging behaviors.

Sizing Options:

Size 2 (Medium): 95 x 95 x 28 cm
Size 3 (Large): 125 x 125 x 33 cm

Please note that all sizing is approximate and may vary slightly based on filling and measurement techniques.

Care Instructions:

Maintain the allure and freshness of your cushion with these simple guidelines:

  • Machine or hand wash the cover only with mild detergent
  • Line dry to preserve the cover’s integrity
  • Avoid tumble drying to prevent damage
  • Regularly air the insert cushion for optimum loftiness
  • Enhance your space with the unmatched elegance of our Polar Round Floor
  • Cushion. Choose your size, select your color, and immerse yourself in a world of lavish comfort.

Note: Accessories pictured are sold separately.

Explore the power of comfort and style – order your Polar Round Floor Cushion today!


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SENSORY CUSHION– Although we are not a registered NDIS provider, our Sensory Polar round Floor cushions can be purchased through NDIS.

Purchases of our Floor cushions are dependant on how your plan has been established. If unsure, please discuss this with your Plan Manager or relevant NDIS contact.

For those who are plan managed, please email us so that we can provide you with an invoice for your chosen Floor cushion.

We have had many families successfully use their NDIS funding to purchase their Polar round floor cushion, and we love to hear of the positive impact this has had on the individual and family unit by using one of our Polar round cushions within your home.


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When purchasing this product please note you will be redirected and checking out via our T&SPet Page.

You can also shop both our Kids and Pet ranges and check out in one.



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