Extra Bed Filling- 500g


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  • Extra filling is ideal to buy when your bed is looking a little flat or needs a little bit of extra love.
  • We have 1/2kg bags of Australian Crumbed foam or 1/2kg bags of Dacron available depending on what your bed is filled with.
  • Our Crumbed foam is made from Dunlop foam which is manufactured here in Australia and treated with Ultrafresh.
  • Ultra fresh inhibits bacterial fungal growth and dust mite proliferation. It also assists with the prevention of allergies and asthma.


Please note that crumbed foam is colored and has been crumbed from various pieces of foam off cuts etc so may not be the same color your bed currently has.

Dacron is generally all one color. If you are not sure which filling to select please contact us and we can tell you what filling your current bed at home already has.

Although most of our products have removable covers and can inserts can easily be refilled some of our products do not have those removable covers. We would advise checking to see if it would be easy for you to refill your bed before purchasing our extra filling. You may also need more than 500g to fill your bed depending on the size and style.


Washing Instructions

Do NOT wash foam and/Or Dacron

Air frequently