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TS Pet Products’ Budgie Snugglers

Introducing the Budgie Snuggler, the epitome of comfort and security tailored for your avian companion. This bird bed, also known as the Budgie Snuggler, is not just a place to rest; it’s a welcoming hideaway designed to ensure your feathered friend feels warm, safe, and content.

Your Bird’s Sanctuary

The Budgie Snuggler offers a retreat of utmost comfort. It’s a private oasis where your bird can rest, sleep, play, and recharge without disturbance. This little abode is more than a bed; it’s a haven that caters to your bird’s innate need for security.

Strengthened Base for Shape: With a strengthened base, the Budgie Snuggler maintains its hammock-like shape, providing your bird with a cozy cradle to curl up in.

Effortless Hanging: Equipped with metal hooks, this bird bed is easy to hang, making it a convenient addition to your bird’s environment.

Sizes to Suit All Breeds

Choose from three sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for most bird breeds:

Size 1: 16 x 9.5cm
Size 2: 22 x 12.5cm
Size 3: 29.5 x 15.5cm

Please note that these dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly based on measuring techniques.

Care for Comfort:

To ensure your bird’s sanctuary remains clean and inviting, adhere to these simple care instructions:

  • Hand wash in warm water to preserve fabric integrity
  • Use mild detergent to maintain cleanliness
  • Rinse thoroughly to eliminate detergent residue
  • Line dry for optimal shape and comfort
  • Avoid tumble drying to prevent potential damage
  • As a responsible pet owner, replace the Budgie Snuggler when wear and tear become evident.


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